Introducing our “Heading Off Headache” Professionals

Food Intolerance and Fatigue - Workshop Demonstration

Bodytruth’s Liza Phillips (BSc Nutrition & Applied Systematic Kinesiologist) talks about her upcoming workshop:

Food plays such a vital role in maintaining our health and well being however optimizing a healthful diet is definitely not something that can be achieved with a one size fits all approach. Gaining a better understanding of your bodies individual dietary requirements can be life changing, especially when you are unknowingly eating foods which are having a detrimental effect on your health.
Headache and migraine sufferers may be aware that there is a long list of potential triggers for headaches, however avoiding all of these foods long term can be impractical as well as limiting when it comes to food choices. Kinesiology offers a simple, non invasive yet effective way of looking at food sensitivities. A Kinesiologist gauges your bodies response to different techniques, supplements and test vials to find out more about imbalances within the body. This same principle is applied when looking at foods, problematic foods will weaken a strong indicator muscle when tested and both practitioner and client can feel the effect on the body.
Bodytruth looks forward to sharing with you how by looking at your individual needs, kinesiology may help develop a better understanding of what is causing your symptoms and empower you to make beneficial choices when it comes to improving your health and well being.

Get Mind Fit’s Hilary Norris-Evans  talks about her workshops on 7 October helping you to combat stress and learn to relax.

Stress is different from anxiety as tension in the body can be created from environmental, physical or emotional sources, ranging from work pressure, tight deadlines to sleepless nights. When we are stressed we don’t breathe deeply or properly. Muscles are starved of oxygen, making them tight.  Stress chemicals are released into the system, causing all sorts of problems. Headache and migraine sufferers tell us they tend to hold tension in their shoulders or necks.

In this interesting and extremely relaxing workshop, I’ll give you special tips taken from  hypnotherapy, mindfulness and other therapies  to help you manage and take back control of headaches. You’ll get a taster of hypnotherapy and mindfulness and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed after hearing some positive, beneficial suggestions and learning a little about hypnotherapy and mindfulness. The best benefit of all of hypnotherapy is that there are no known side effects, as in conventional medications.

I look forward to meeting you all.