Your first appointment


The best way to treat difficult headache disorders is to firstly establish a correct diagnosis. Headaches are diagnosed according to criteria laid down by the International Headache Committee in the following publication:

With 400 different types of headaches and nearly 40 different classifications for migraine alone, it is vital that you note down the number of headaches you get and their duration and intensity. Please record all symptoms, including auras, stiff necks, arm and back pain, numbness, upset tummies and the medications you use.

Often sufferers say that they don’t just have one type of headache and it is exactly this type of information that is needed to form an accurate diagnosis/es and to assess the likelihood of your headache’s progression or remission.

Therefore all customers are strongly encouraged to keep a diary such as the one available to download here and bring details of all their medications with them.

Download the Headache Diary


Please allow up to an hour and a half for your first appointment as the most important part of the consultation is for us to fully understand the nature of your headache.

Headaches are common and many people worry that their headaches have a serious underlying cause but fortunately this is rarely the case. However headaches can occur in conjunction with other medical conditions such as IBS, thyroid dysfunction, sleep issues, depression and heart conditions, therefore a limited clinical examination will be carried out as part your screening. Sometimes patients need additional tests or scans and Janet will liaise with other healthcare professionals including leading neurologists where necessary.