Nutrition, Hair sampling and Intolerance Testing

More than just a headache?

IBS/Digestive issues/Low Energy

Some headache sufferers also complain of digestive issues such as indigestion, bloating, excess gas, sore/uncomfortable or easily upset tummies.

Some researchers believe that malabsorption of essential minerals such as magnesium, co-enzyme Q10 or Vitamin D contribute to headaches. Find out more:

If you suspect that there may be foods which don’t agree with you, perhaps you’d like to have a hair analysis test carried out? This looks at Vitamin, Mineral and nutritional imbalances which give clues as to why IBS type symptoms might arise.

Hair Sampling – 30 page report

A few strands of hair at the neck of your neck are romoved and set of for analysis. A sample report of the hair test report (which takes around 15 mins to be analysed) is attached. ( pdf link) The results are then discussed with you as part of an hour long consultation, costing £65, at the clinic with Liza Phillips of Bodytruth.

Click here for a sample Hair Test Report

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Fibromyalgia and joint pain

Chronic muscle and joint pains are usually a component of some headaches and osteopathy can help ease such discomfort.

Hypermobile, Double-jointed, increased flexibility, clicky joints or “leaky gut”

All our practitioners are hypermobile and specialise in treating patients with increased flexibility. We are professional members of the Hypermobility Syndromes Assocation and have conducted extensive research into the suppleness of connective tissue and its links to headaches.