Janet Gravener - Principal

Janet GravenerJanet is a registered osteopath and licensed medical acupuncturist. She is passionate about treating “heads” and their “aches” and is the proud recipient of an Oustanding Achievement Award for reducing the burden of Migraine in the UK population from the charity Migraine Action.

This award is dedicated not only to all those sufferers who shared their experiences during her recent Research Trial but also to the renowned neurology teachers and staff at the University of Edinburgh, where she received a Postgraduate Certificate in the Clinical Management of Headaches.

She is fortunate to have received advanced osteopathic training from Cliff Lomas, Osteopath and Medical Advisory Board Member of Migraine Action of whom she is a professional member, contributor and Support Group host.

Janet also practices cranial osteopathy and is fascinated by the brain, the cranial and facial bones, the nerves, the dynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid and their bio-neuromusculoskeletal ramifications in the body’s organs and framework.

In summary, Janet works holistically and in synergy with headache sufferers, combining their own complex and unique experiences and treatment preferences with her advanced, evidence based training and holistic clinical expertise.